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Beard Trustworthiness is used to determine how trustworthy a particular beard/mustache is.

~~~Very Trustworthy~~~
Full Beard
The Philosopher
Goatee + Mustache

~~~Mildly Trustworthy~~~
Full Mustache aka The Wilford Brimley
Cop Mustache aka The Burt Reynolds
Chin Strap aka The Abe, The Lincoln

Friendly Chops
Chin Tuft + Mustache aka The Colonel Sanders
Mutton Chops

Sans Mustache aka Amish Beard
Curly Mustache aka The Handlebar

The Horseshoe aka The Hogan
Chin Tuft
Unkempt Beard aka The Homeless Beard
Neck Beard

Soul Patch aka The Landing Strip
Patchy Beard aka The Sidney Crosby
Pencil Thin Chin Strap

Pencil Thin Mustache aka The John Waters, The Joe Jackson
The Hitler
L: How do you know you can trust that guy?

E: Dude he has a philosopher's beard, thats the second most trustworthiness beard on the Beard Trustworthiness chart that there is!
by AkaEros October 27, 2011
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