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Quick to reject white-collar America, this subgenus of "bag" pairs his drinking habits with need to casually suggest how cool it was that he drank the night before despite having to be at work at 7 AM. Typically, beard bags are "blue collar to the bone", covered in skull tattoos and resent "pussies", even though they listen to copious amounts of Bright Eyes and Two Gallants. However, there does seem to be an increasing amount of bookish beard bags that like to "showboat read" the works of Proust and the biographies of Winston Churchill in order to suggest intellectualism and build a reclusive mystique.
Jamie is such a Beard Bag. He was over at the puss palace last night regaling us with with tales of Alaskan salmon fishing and deriding Andy for having money soft hands.

Did you see nick reading last night at the bar? I know he was pretending because his facial hair was covering the page. What a Beard bag.
by MajikalBum January 17, 2011
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