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The official name given to people obsessed with Mat Baynton. A British Actor, commonly associated with the children's television show, Horrible Histories, and is amazingly attractive. No one knows why exactly people love him, though scientists are looking into it. The typical Bayntonette is either a teenage girl who watches Horrible Histories songs and episodes on Youtube and loves Mat Baynton for the unknown reason, or a young child's mother who secretly adores said person, while watching the television show with her child/ren. Scientists have discovered that a Bayntonette finds Mat sexy, though it is unknown why. There are no obvious conclusions, given that he is a scrawny, mid-twenties, unheard-of actor, but the theory of "Humorous Attractivus" can be applied to said attraction. One thing is known for sure, Mat Baynton is sexy.
Teenage Girl: "OMG! Did you see the Dick Turpin song? Mat Baynton can do guy liner so well, it looks smexy."
Girl's Mother: "Yes, yes, yes! Totally made me a Bayntonette."
by SilkNinjaLily August 07, 2011
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