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A race/celebration that happens in the late spring in San Francisco that starts on the Bay side of the city and ends by the "breakers." The course takes you through the city, and directly through Golden Gate Park. Participants can run competitively, walk the course, or dress up in any ridiculous outfit, make an incredible float to drag along, and get drunk out of their mind. Most do the latter. Many participants enjoy walking in the nude, and the police don't seem to mind. Many other mind- altering substances are used at this event. It is certainly more of a party than a race. If you live in San Francisco, this is a must to participate in, and if you don't, its worth the trip for the weekend!
I went to Bay to Breakers this weekend dressed as a gay pirate and I got lost somewhere in the Park but made friends with a naked guy painted completely blue. I'm still hung over and its Wednesday.
by exhaighter April 30, 2009
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