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Your experience largely depends on what house you're in.
House A: Smart kids, but also some of the dumbest kids and biggest assholes you'll ever meet. Try-hards are sprinkled here and there, but they never get anywhere in life and most kids just use them to get good grades on projects.

House B: Mainly jocks, and the biggest sport here is lacrosse (as well as the entire school.) There are a couple popular girls, but they're mostly sluts or drama queens. Also the house with the nicest lockers and classrooms.

House C: Pretty much everyone else. Druggies, future high school drop-outs, and popular (not really) girls. Also known as the ghetto of the school, there are a couple nerds who cry when they don't get into advanced classes or rant about how horrible the school system is when they get less than 100%.
See that girl from Bay Trail Middle School? She's a little try-hard. None of the popular girls even like her.
by anonymousgossiper May 10, 2014
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