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A boy of short stature and balding hair. Self described as Black and Asian in spite of his Caucasian ethnicity.

Often characterized by his fervent love of soccer and David Beckham, and his racist and antisemitic views. He is often crippled by his inability of pronouncing R's and L's, and his ability of mistaking everybody for a Jew. He can also be easily pointed out by the casual observer due to his Nazi attire, unsteady gait, addiction to chewing gum, and his fanatical zeal for sex.

Some of his favorite catchphrases include:

"bEtch plEss"
"bUhk wIEld"
"... yO' mOhm"

His aliases include:

Baby Gul
That racist kid
Bay'gul just got his vintage 1940's Nazi pants stolen!
by Patriotic Justice Boy January 06, 2008
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