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The origins of this word stem from the words "BAMD" and "TANK". BAMD refers to a specific type of vehicle primarily a Sand coloured Pontiac Sunfire with a special license plate. The TANK originally referred to the character "Tank" in the famous movie "The Matrix" - the operator with multiple computer monitors. However, due to the special colour of the car (which allows for greater camouflage to the enemy when in combat in the desert), along with the word TANK, this was how the phrase BAMD TANK was born. Through the many years this word has been used in many languages and the combined accents have resulted in the phrase "Baumd Taunk". Since this special vehicle is considered a "tank", this particular Sunfire is also modified with a special turret found in the German Tiger Tank from World War II.
FS: I want to sit in your Baumd Taunk so we can go eat the best Maniccotti in the world!
DV: No. You can buy your own at Repo Experts.
by dabaddestboy August 04, 2009
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