1. The three "words" that the dog on Blue Clue's uses through out the show on Nickelodeon.

2. A code for when you need to talk to someone urgently.

3. Used just for fun.
1. Steve: "So Blue, what do you want to do today?"
Blue: "Bau bau bau"
Steve: "That's great, Blue! Do you want to play Blue's
Blue: "Bau bau bau"

2. Amehh: Hola!
Salad: Hey GuyZ.
Sarah: Hi Srat!
Tammy: Hii Salad!
Justo: Hi baby. =
Mykul: Keep me company?
Salad: Sure thing!
Amehh: FTW! Tmmy+Srah! Baubaubau.

3. Person1: Heyy.
Person2: Baubaubau. (:
by Amehh February 18, 2008
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A sound often affiliated with porn and other sexual interactions.
Every moment was just waiting for the bau-chick-a-bau-bau track.
by crunchie December 19, 2005
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