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Full of snobby white kids and giant asian cliques that are the only reason why BHS has such high test scores. The girls are easy and most lost their v card at Bull Run Middle. A big ass school full of big ass egos.
Horny? Battlefield High School has some nice sluts!
Wanna join the Battlefield High School drama club? You mean the weird misfits that choose the same shitty actors over and over again?
Anime club? aka the kids that scare the shit outta people
Wow, Battlefield High School sure is a big waste of a big building!
by Cookiestastegood May 12, 2016
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High school in Haymarket, Virginia. Known for its abundant amount of rednecks who spend their free time fishing for bass and posting it on their instagram or putting the confederate flag on the back of their 6 wheel trucks. Where there are large groups of asian people and large groups of snoby white girls. Not to mention, the large amount of wannabe preppy fucks who like to consider themselves preppy when wearing a gay vinyard vines t-shirt who roam the school trying to pick up the flat white barbies. Also, where once in a while, an occasional fight randomly breaks out between two black girls. Where everyone likes to hop in their jeeps after school and head over to Tonys where they continue to act like jackasses. Where basically, everyone is a pretentious fuck no matter who they are.
Guy 1: "Hey Guy 2, Im an arrogrant prick who enjoys smoking pot and acting like a jackass in class. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends who, too, post abundant amounts of pictures of bass. Is Battlefield High School the place for me?"

Guy 2: *sees Guy 1's vinyard vines lanyard hanging out of his pocket*
"Yeh, man."
by youreallgoingtohell August 05, 2017
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