Similar to Soulja Up! A word established by the same individual, "The Heretic Assassin" meaning

1. to be prepared for any obstacle that will come make landfall before you.

2. Don't Be a Coward, Stand Up and Catch Yo' Cut and start slaying your opponents who trys to omit you from this earth or from whatever activities y'all are engaged in, rather it's a life or death situation.

3. Have Orthodox Equipment to be efficient and productive when you are in the battlefield
Say bruh, you better Battle Up! Cause if you don't them niggas is gonna turn you into ground meat play boy, you better have the right tools to slaughter this nigga in this upcoming debate against them fake afro centric niggas and them fake hebrews who's teaching reincarnation and how this is no such thing as The Messiah dying for our sins!
by The Saint from The 4 February 21, 2011
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