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Chad Kensington is a character from the game Friday the 13th. When added the perks, Slugger, Heavy hitter, and Thick skinned, he becomes Battle Chad!
Battle chad originated from the twitch user, Swag_Dracula.

Upon playing Friday the 13th, Swag Dracula was placed in a lobby filled with players who had chosen Chad as their preference counselor.

While off stream, he developed the perfect combination of perks for Battle Chad. After testing it out, he introduced the concept of Battle Chad to his fellow streamer friends, Bryce McQuaid and Gorillaphant. Soon after they played as Battle Chad, they all adopted Battle Chad as a common character that they will play as for a while.

Some may argue that Bryce Mcquaid invented Battle Chad. However, Swag Dracula invented Battle Chad and there is video proof of it.

Chad has different variations of outfits and objectives. Battle chad originally wears the pink sweater along with the white and black patterned shirt with pink pants. His main objective include making sure you beat the living hell out of Jason (Nega Chad). Another variation of Chad is Guardian Angel Chad . Guardian Angel Chad wears all white with the pink sweater. His main objective it to protect all the counselors from Jason. Renegade Chad is the baddest Chad of them all! Renegade Chad wears dark clothes and has a smirk of evil. His only objective is himself. His only interests are for himself and the beat the living hell out of Jason.

The most common Chad is Battle Chad.
Person 1: "Oh sweet, let me get on that Battle Chad action!"

Person 2: "Didn't Bryce McQuaid invent Battle Chad?"

Person 1: "No, you pleb! Swag_Dracula did!!! BATTLE CHAD HYPEEEEEE!!!!!
by julipai July 26, 2017
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Player 1: Who's the best player in F13?
Player 2: Obviously Battle Chad!
Both players: Battle Chady hypeeeee!!!
by liiiiitttt August 26, 2017
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