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Invented by Theatre kids at Irvington High School. Originally called Battle Axe, but due to mispronunciation, the word Battle-ass was invented. Now a new way of saying bad ass. Normally used for confusing those who say bad ass.
Person A: That car over there is so battle ass?
Person B: What?
by Fred and Bob Crachit February 20, 2011
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A giant ass, typical of the fat asses of many military chicks, especially characteristic with Navy chicks.
That girl has a huge battle ass.
by Jeremy Mullet June 04, 2005
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1. Battle ass is the resulting condition after eating college food (can also be any number of fast food restaurants, taco bell and krystal are the worst). Battle ass is similar to the shits, but not nearly as watery, it's more formed and usually goes away after one trip to the throne.
Damn b I ate those wraps in the chow hall for lunch and the ensueing battle ass is horid!
by Eric-GS3- May 15, 2005
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