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Batt Shell is a creature often found in Footscray he is very distinctive due to his mono tone voice he enjoys staying up all night playing dota like an uber nerd. He often pronounces words incorrectly such as Bovered (Bothered) and Free (three). He enjoys going to MMA class to tap out various noobs such as "Da Orge" and "Da Vick." Due you to his large size and rough appearance many people including junkies and deros are too afraid to sit next to him on the Werribee train.Quite often is mistaken for an older gentlemen due to his slouched posture and slumbersome walk. If out may be spotted with a bottle of Jim Beam Black in hand, drinking excessivly without a chaser.
Hey Batt Shell wonna come to High point with me? "Nar I can't be bovered mum said I've gotta be home by free."

by Frank1000010101 September 15, 2008
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