Same as "That's what your mum said, just shortend for snappier use.
But to the same or better effect.
person 1 "Shall we go in the front or back?"
person 2 "mum said!"
by mikeytjrc April 09, 2007
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The absolute ultimate comeback. Can be used in any situation, with a maximum final effect.
Sam: "you are a cockbite"
Alistair: "yeah, that's what your mum said last night!"
*sam slaps alistair*
by Static November 10, 2003
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a phrase to follow any word or sentence whether it makes sense or makes u look like a fuckin tool, said whenever someone speaks to you or anyone within hearing distance.
"hey man u comin to the shops"
"thats what ur mum said"
"mate, ur a fuckin tool"
by thats sum funny shit September 11, 2003
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suggests that the person who says this fucked your mum last night, but i dunno who would wanna fuck my mother (except my dad)

Related to: and your dad, and your mum, mother fucker, y tu madre.
A: You *&"£*("&(£(*"*(&
B: thats what your mum said last night
by drako December 22, 2004
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