bæθ-kjəˈ-lɪ-nəti /

1. Qualities, or attributes, regarded as characteristic of a modern young man who is comfortable in his own skin, inside and outside of the bathroom. Being bathsculine is knowing there’s no one way to get clean, relax in the tub or style your hair and there’s no one way to be a guy.

2. An attitude rooted in looking good and smelling fresh, because it feels good to get clean and smell like Mint and Rosemary, and because you don’t need an excuse to take a three hour bath in the middle of the day if it’s going to make you happy, so you take out your rubber duckies, scented candles and portable zen garden and get sudsy while listening to whale chants and start thinking about that lonely whale who sings on a frequency no other whale can hear and it makes you teary eyed but you don’t pretend you have something in it, no, you own your tears and start looking up how you can join a marine conservation NGO and maybe help this specific whale, because everyone deserves love.

3. So yes, bathsculinity, something that we need a little more of in 2019 and forward.

Antonyms: machismo, silverbacking, boorishness.
“I feel good with my bathsculinity. Secure. Sexy. Soapy. I’ve got nothing to hide. You don’t even have to knock before coming in to my bathroom. Just get in there.” – Bath-nonymous
by buckethat1900 April 15, 2019
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