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A group of black men usually 3 or more that wait in public bathrooms and sexually assault women. The group waits in the female restroom and when a girl walks in, one black male "bops" her on the head to render her unconscious or to daze her. After the female is subdued, the black males forcibly penetrate and sodomize her. After all of the black males have finished having forced intercourse with the female, one of the black males hits her with "The Lightning" and it erases her memory. Then the black males let her leave. The only person who can stop the "Bathroom Fuckers" and is immune to "The Lightning" is Crazy Dave, AKA Dizzy D.
Me: Hey bro whats going on?
Dave: Nothing I had to save my girlfriend from "The Bathroom Fuckers" again.
Me: Oh wow is everyone OK?
Dave: Yes, I stopped them and I put my finger in their gun so they couldn't shoot at me then I blessed them.
Me: Wow, I better escort my woman into the bathroom and check for "Bathroom Fuckers".
by Megaman222 May 18, 2011
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