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where a male friend said he need to use the toilet, but you find him using your bathroom to drop his kegs and slap his sausage silly desiding to change the colours of your bathroom walls a bit..

PS. Normally denied by the victim
Dennis-"hey jonnny i need to use your bathroom, gaging for a banging shit"

Jonny- "ok mate"

a few minutes later....

Jonny- " whats taking him so long and I need a fucking piss, better check on him"

Jonny walks upstairs and hears some weird slapping sound from the bathroom...

Jonny- "DENNIS you dirty bastard, you little bathroom dasher"

Dennis- " I wasn't I'm washing my hands"

Jonny- " More like your Ipod you dirty bastard my mum is in and my nana is over"
by FilthyFucker July 01, 2011
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