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Next level up from rat arsed. To be absolutely steam boated beyond return. Bat arsed is a sacred level of pissed which worshippers of life seek on the weekend. Bat arsed state is achieved by robbing tinnes from Tesco, prank calling your mates mum for a blowie at least twice so she thinks your serious, not eating a single fucking nut on the day of bat arsery and seeing off at least 10 shots of pure stink. When bat arsed thou must expect to piss thy self so don't wear your best pair of Lonsdale undies and remember if any cunt tries to tell you you're to bat arsed put your fucking mush down and windmill the shit out of that worthless piece of cum.
Joe: Hey Ben, last weekend was awesome we got so bat arsed. How about we tone it down a notch tonight and get fucking shit wrecked?

Ben: Shut the fuck up Joe you little pussy, I wanna try force my floppy in an 18 stone train wreck of a woman and shit on my own floor tonight, so I'm definitely going for the bat arsed option. You're such a little bitch
by NewyIsMassiv March 11, 2017
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