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Bastards Incorporated is a term which originated from the 80's comedy "The Comedy Company"'. It describes a conman company that sells products which are defective and useless.

It is now used as an all encompasing word for movies that typify white trash values, violence, mindless storylines and crass uneducated humor. These movies are made under the comedy and horror genres but are generally a thinly disguised veil of ultimate warfare of corrupt mob enterprises and psychotic writers against targets they deem worthy of life ruining.

The characters are purposely depicted in the most ficticious and humiliating scenarious in order to basically ruin their targets lives as well as their sanity and maximise profits, and cover up their own sordid lives of others.

"this is not art or cinema it is terrorism".
Exampled of Bastards Incorporated movie studio include:
Scary Movie franchaise
Disaster movie, Epic Movie etc.
American Pie Series
Twilight Franchaise
Movies that depict prostitutes, strippers etc.
Serial killer horror movie franchaises.
Movies that are so violent, warped and unrealistic you have nightmares for months.
by nostradamous merry maid January 18, 2011
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