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A belief/way of life, based around living to the fullest. The most challenging part about this, is learning your personal/individual "fullness". The main goal of being a basta is to reach a sense of "perfection". The beauty of this belief is that "perfection" is ever changing to adapt to life, knowledge, age, and other surroundings. Therefore supplying an endless learning experience.

The hardest task is the Out of Body Experience. By mastering this art, certain powers are available to anyone.

Such as:

1. Meeting other people in an Out of Body Experience

2. The power to manipulate, subliminally alter, curse, and build up other people's mind. Through speaking to an unwary person/soul, you can even send someone into spiraling suicidal depression.

Common practices/activities:

1. Out of Body Experience (For mental and spiritual development)

2. Lucid Dreaming (Recreational)

3. Self Hypnosis (Optional)(For enhancing personal attributes)

Origin of Word: Given that most people could not possibly begin to understand the concept, the name "Bastamental"

The root words are Bastard Mentalist (or Mental)


3.something irregular, inferior, spurious, or unusual.

Spurious, the main source of the definition of bastard


Not being what it purports to be; false or fake: Along the lines of reasoning Apparently but not actually valid: "this spurious reasoning results in nonsense".
Only through mediation and Out of Body Experiences will the path be shown of Bastamental
by Bastamental [Himself] November 30, 2011
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