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The subbing policy of failures. Instead of rotating team players throughout the entire game to constantly provide the team with "fresh legs" and speed to wear the other team down, only the starters are played. With constant subbing, you will improve the skills and dynamics of the entire team. If you do not sub frequently, you aren't improving all of your players and therefore you are not coaching all of your players. Although the starters typically are the best players, after 3-4 quarters most of them look like they are going to throw up or pass out. Once the first string of players is worn down to the point of complete exhaustion, at last a coach will sub in new players. Since these players hardly ever get any play time, they are unable to meld into the team's dynamic easily. One mistake and these subs will be pulled out. Starters do not trust them because they aren't used to playing with these team mates although they too can be excellent basketball players.

So there you have it- starters die of exhaustion, new players come in, no one on the team can do anything right and the game goes to hell.

Happy coaching guys!
1st quarter:
Fan 1- Wow the players are doing great!
Fan 2- Agreed! Check out that 3 pointer!

2nd quarter:
Fan 1- Amazing defense!
Fan 2- Agreed.

3rd quarter:

Fan 1- Jeez, that girl looks like she's about to hurl.
Fan 2- Oh finally! Some subbing! GO TEAM!

4th quarter:
Fan 1- Maybe if there was some more frequent subbing, the team would be more successful in situations like this. The girls obviously aren't trusting each other since they're not used to playing with each other.

Fan 2- This is the Basketball Anti-Sub Policy at its best. We're screwed.
by RazzDazDinosaur February 07, 2012
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