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Basicore is owning one's "basic" attributes in a way that eviscerates their basicity.
Distinguished from normcore in that basicore is not trendy.
Basicore is neither trendy nor untrendy; it is simply the mark of a badass chick who is on point always yet mainstream at times
In NO WAY is to be confused with "basic bitches"
"Trina Turk is following me on Pinterest. I'm so basicore."
"I just got high and watched QVC for 3 hours... #basicore."
"Yeah I almost burned down my office with my chakra balancing candles because I'm basicore."
"I told my hairdresser to blow out my hair super giant so I look like a country music star. I don't know any country songs but I do know I am basicore."
"I am more basicore than a French bulldog tied up outside a J. Crew"
"Not to sound basicore but I think Will Ferrell is fucking hilarious."
"I just bought 7 shift dresses at Ann Taylor Loft and I literally referred to it as The Loft #basicore"
"Martha Stewart is so basicore like that bitch is a felon AND a home making genius!"
"I feel like my love of every single Jay-Z album is basicore as fuck"
"If ordering guacamole and referring to is as guac makes me basicore then I'm down."
"People always say I'm basicore because I fucking love a fabulous interior and subscribe to Veranda."
"There is a GIGANTIC difference between being a basic bitch and basicore ie basic bitches have no idea they are basic and are typically BORING like dead behind the eyes mediocre bitches"
by BastionOfBasicity August 01, 2014
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