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A basic female is not just about how she looks. She not original, she's a follower ,(Monkey see monkey do).. She doing the same exact thing everyone else is doing.....There's nothing special about her. She not unique. She has no originality. She has nothing going for herself, she has no life goals......Just a dry ass female
James: Aye G, I'm really feeling the way Mya been looking lately I think I wanna talk to her.
Shawn: Broo, You mean robot Mya? No she basic asl. Basic Female
James: Whatchu mean?
Shawn: Look how she follows up behind Mya like she can't think for her damn self. What you need bro, is a challenge. Go talk to Taylor....Beauty with brains.

*Taylor walks pass*
Shawn: Mann, whip the drool off yo lip!

James: lol bro you right... I'll be back fina cop that number.

Shawn: Ight , *Smh*
by Love_Makeup December 02, 2014
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