A girl who thinks/tries so hard to be different, but in reality brings nothing to the table. Guys love to wife her up, because she safe and boring. Due to her lack of brain cells she is easy to cheat on. Becky is and will always be your loyal side bitch, since she's too busy gluing the rhinestones back on her iPhone case to realize what is actually going on. Her bigest problem on Friday night is falling, after her heel gets caught in the cobblestone, while chasing after her boyfriend in the Meatpacking district.
Signs You Might be a Basic Becky

1) Free People is your shit
2) You have a small tattoo that means nothing, and is probably on your foot
3) You "get dressed" to go to the gym
4) When taking vacations in the Winter packing at least 3 crop tops is a must
5) You know the day and time of every new episode on Bravo
6) When searching for aparments you keep in mind how close the nearest PinkBerry is
7) You own vinyl records, but no player
8) While waiting for your adderall prescription at CVS you divide your time between reading US Weeky, and shopping for useless shit you'll never use
9) You own a PedEgg
10) Andy Warhol is a Genius, and you think the Banana on the Velvet Underground record you own looks similar... but who cares you'll never be able to listen to it anyway. Unless, a record player pops up on "things you may like" while scrolling through Urban Outfitters website.
by Harmoneeey $$$ August 29, 2013
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A plain White girl or basic looking female that's oblivious to her cheating boyfriend or husband. She is very simple looking, boring and basic with no makeup or fashion style whatsoever. She never questions her husband or boyfriend and believes all of his female friends are just friends. Fuck-boys target Basic Beckys.

You're are a basic Becky if you think it's okay to use the N-word just because you're sleeping with a black man or man of color.

You're a basic Becky if you let your man drive your car to pick up his female friends.

You're are basic Becky if you're always paying the tab for your boyfriend or your guy friends.

You're a basic Becky if you own UGGs.
Look at that Baller with that basic Becky on his arm.

Black men love their basic Becky's.
by Darkgator777 May 23, 2020
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