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Bases in FaceTime is like bases when dating someone but worse. Bases in FaceTime is when you're "dating" someone but only communicate through FaceTime and never go out on a real date. It's like bases in real life, but worse.

1st Base- Both parties kissing the cam at the same time
2nd Base- Both parties are wearing slightly sexy clothes
3rd Base- Both parties are only in underwear or bras and/or dirty talk
Homerun- Nudes or naked FaceTime
Person 1: Hey I just got to third base with Suzie!
Person 2: Nice! How was the head?
Person 1: What? I'm talking about Bases in FaceTime not really dating. She just talked dirty in her bra.
Person 2: That sucks.
by ObviouslyGrind2K18 May 29, 2018
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