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Verb. pronunciation {beys fuhkt}

1. The moment when you attempt to post a comment on Face Book and realize that person has "unfriended" you and you are actually only seeing their post through a mutual friend.

2. When you type a friend's name in the Search box on Face Book and you can't find them. Then you think they must have deleted their account but you check a mutual friends friend list...and low and behold...they did not delete their Face Book account, they've only deleted you.

3. When Face Book suggests friends for you of people you were friends with already.
1. "I saw they got engaged and was going to congratulate them...when I realized I got BaseFooked!"

"I tried to vote for their baby in the 'cutest baby ever' contest but I couldn't...then I realized I got BaseFooked!"

"Sure I'll like your 'It's OK to Love Your Cat like a Real Man' wait I can't... because you BaseFooked me!"

2. "I can't find her. Maybe she deleted her account? No....damn, I think I just got BaseFooked by that b****."

3. "Why is Face Book suggesting I be friends with him when I already am friends with him? Hey...wait a minute....he just BaseFooked me."
by AwesomeAlliteratorAmy December 03, 2013
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