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Main Entry: Base Rapping
Function: Transitive Verb
Date 2005

:To spell Base Raping incorrectly. The inteded server's rule was to convey the meaning that "No Base Raping" would be tolerated lest the offender face an instant boot and ban. The problem is that the host really spelled, "No Base Rapping" thus an astute gamer could base rape by technicality. Base raping is when one spawn camps in rear areas of the map in order to easily dispatch newly spawning enemy players whilst they are defenseless thus achieving easy kills. The geeks that misspell like this will never go to "collage..." pun intended
Dumb Geek: Dude read the rules no base rapping!
Smart Geek: I'm not base rapping n00b, I'm base raping and the rules don't say anything about that, (boom head shot - Smart Geek just pwnd dumb geek).
by bolillo loco December 27, 2009
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