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A famous Saturday Night Live Skit portraying Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake as Barry and Robin Gibb.

Although the skit is primarily focused on Politics, Barry will always lash out at the guests and give them idiotic threats. the lashing out is refrencing a press interview which a reporter asked who he was, causing him to yell "I'm Barry effin' Gibb!" which is Barry's catchphrase.

Robin is normally silent throughout the skit, but sings along in the theme( which is a parody of 'Nights on Broadway') and when Barry asks him to introduce a guest. Barry will always beg his brother to talk, Robin responding with a quiet "I don't want to."
One of Barry's threats: "I grew up in the streets of Melbourne, Australia! I Have a knife in my shoe and will gut you like a softshell crab and wear your carcass like a raincoat!"

You can normally find recorded scenes of the 'Barry Gibb Talk Show' on Youtube.
by yoshichu54 July 14, 2011
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