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Was actually a banned Vegas act with Barry Manilow and a magician. In the mid ‘80s Barry Manilow wanted to spice up his Vegas act by introducing a magician. After an extensive interview process he settled on Franz Horn (no relation). Franz is the brother of Roy Horn of Sigreid and Roy fame. Franz was a less popular magician because he used the old fashioned rabbit in the hat rather than his brothers more extravagant tiger act. Well Barry Manilow’s invite was the true calling for this lesser known German immigrants career.

Well these two great minds combined their acts into a choreographed music and magic show. The final song was Manilow's hit Copacabana. At the end of the song Manilow pulls down his pants and bends over. Franz reaches into Manilow ass and pulls out a bunny rabbit hence the Barry Manilow Wonder Bunny. Well as you guessed the critics did not favor this act and it was immediately canceled. Manilow went on to be a success in Vegas. Unfortunately Franz Horn took his own life in 1996. His magical wonders will be missed.
Did you ever get a chance to see the Barry Manilow Wonder Bunny act.
by hornstar1964 July 30, 2009
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