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A Barnyard Sampler is an off-menu item at Wendy's similar to the McGangBang from McDonalds. It consists of a Chicken burger, either Spicy or Home-style, that you add the following to:
Cheese (optional)
An Extra 4 oz Beef Patty.

Most Wendy's locations do not know it by name, and when you get to the beef patty they might ask you to clarify what you mean. Just persevere and burger heaven will be yours.
Customer: Hi, can I get a Barnyard Sampler combo with Sprite to drink.
Employee: ... What?
Customer: Spicy chicken combo, bacon, cheese, extra 4oz beef patty, Sprite to drink.
Employee: ... You want the 4oz patty on the side?
Customer: No. In the burger.
<Order Placed>
Burger Builder in the back: Uhh... Is this right?
Employee: Yeah.
by jmlsteele March 10, 2010
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