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A Barney Bag is the name that is given to a bag that you put on your head when having intercourse with an extremely unattractive partner. The idea behind the Barney Bag is that the partner is so unattractive you don't bother putting a bag on their head, but put one on yourself thus ensuring there is no danger of their bag falling off. Can also be used as a descriptive term, a "barney bagger"
That individual was so utterly hideous that the only way I could fathom engaging in intercourse with them is if I wore a barney bag.
by CB4ever February 26, 2009
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a big purple bag that a country girl who's favorite color is purple brings to work every day
hey oscar look at all the purple stuff in the barney bag today wow i think i see something green and yes its bud!!
by grinch99999 May 21, 2008
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