Noun: Something new, childish, simplistic, amateurish, or meant for beginners. It may also refer to foolishly innocent thoughts or actions.

Origin: Drawn from Saul Williams' "Penny for a Thought":

"a young child stares at a glowing screen
transfixed by tales of violence
his teenage father tells him that that's life,
not that Barney shit
a purple dinosaur that speaks of love,
a black man that speaks of blood
which one is keeping it real, son?"
~"Did you hear Jen got that job?"
~"At the lawyer's office? It's Barney shit. She's a secretary with a fancy title."

~"I tried a Guinness Stout for the first time last night. It was so good."
~"You're lucky. After all these years drinking Mich Ultra, you're lucky you can handle good beer. That Barney shit will ruin perfectly good taste buds."

~"Dude, Gina just waved to me. Do you think she likes me?"
~"What? Spare me the Barney shit. Go talk to her."
by The Afterworld Cafe March 05, 2010
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