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A mental masturbation meeting with no objective or clear path to combined revenue. "We love you, you love us, we are happy... to do nothing".

Typically assembled by a repeat offender- one that has all the attendees sit around and discuss how great the others company is and how awesome the two companies would be if they worked together. Ultimately all parties walk away with nothing greater than they started- making everyone wonder who "has the ball".

These meetings are typically assembled by an idiot in a role way over their head. A Barney Meeting is followed by the "Barney Aftermath"- a fogginess that falls over everyone involved as to the next step. As bad is this gets, no one will admit they don't know what is going on as this will make them look stupid. The final stage of "Barney-ness" is the "Barney Blame". This is the finger pointing and specific blame falling on the key players of the two parties involved. All the while the idiot that started it all - the "Barney"- gets to skate off and commence another Barney Meeting with the next unsuspecting group.
Boss: "What's the next step from your 3 hour meeting in New York with XYZ company?"

Barney: "We had deep discussions about how we are gonna make millions of dollars together! They really love our technology."

Boss: "So, what your telling me is it was another Barney meeting! You are a fucking idiot."
by Money_McBagz November 17, 2011
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