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The bad-ass security guard in Half Life 1 & 2. Barney Calhoun is the playable character in Half-Life: Blue Shift, and a major character in Half-Life 2 as well as Episode One. Michael Shapiro provided Barney's voice in the games of the Half-Life series. Scott Lynch, Valve Software's Chief Operating Officer, lent his face to the game for use in-game as Barney in Half-Life 2.

In Half-Life: Blue Shift, the playable Barney progresses through Black Mesa to escape the events of the resonance cascade, and is able to do so, in contrast to Gordon Freeman and Adrian Shephard, who are held in stasis. In Half-Life 2, Barney works as a mole for the Lambda Resistance in the Combine Civil Protection Forces. He provides the player information in the first chapter, leading him to Kleiner and Vance, and in the third chapter provides the player with his crowbar. The fact that Barney owes Gordon Freeman a beer is a running gag in the series.

Very stealthy. Name/word often used to describe a way of attacking an antagonist in a cool & stealthy way.
Barney Calhoun owes Gordon Freeman a beer.

Barney Calhoun owes ME a beer.

I Barney Calhouned that guy then I was declared hero in my city.
by I Love Mr PhD July 03, 2010
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