Bariatric smokers are big ass hoes with tonnes of millage under her spandex big girl panties that cannot stop fucking up their damn lives and messing up good things. These hoes think they are better than everyone else that does hoe, and can't accept a good intentioned person after a good and stable situation with them. These hoes love their options, they chain smoke and even have the nerve to think lowly of the men they literally suck and fuck for $$$. These hoes generally have big frames, big feet and big balls to go along with it too and it is uncommon for them to see themselves as being wrong. These hoes will say anything and do anything to be 'loved' by their daddy because they legit have 'daddy issues'. They say they just haven't met the right one to stop hoeing but truth is they simply are dysfunctional and cannot stop hoeing or smoking to maintain a healthy lifestyle or save their life.

They have no role modelz. "Don't save them they don't want to be saved" J Cole.
Stop and chill bariatric smoker hoe before it's too late.
by Big_game_bobby_cuP September 24, 2021
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