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the man who arrived out of nowhere in the early fucking PC 90s to end the streak of good country music crossover hits (a la the 80s) and made it so moronic, so slick and so yuppified that it is not country, it ain't pop, and it ain't rock'n'roll. It's just plain unpalatable. The Man in Black, Johnny Cash gave his opinion by flipping the bird, because of the crappy trends initiated by this watered down Bob Seger wannabe had led radio programmers to consider Cash's stash of songs to be "old school".
1. I saw Barf - uh, Garth - Brooks play on a TV special. Utter soccer mom crap. He botched up a good Billy Joel song ("Shameless"), his own songs are vapid and generic. He thinks he's Pete Townshend (guitar smasher!). Yuppy pukola.

2. Look at the wave of "country" stars that have sprung up since Garth "the Geek" Barf Brooks hit the big time.

Shania Twain, Martina McBride, LeAnne Rimes, Tim McGraw + Faith Hill (kiss this, kiss this) - garbage for the View on TV, for the Alex Keatings (sp?) of today. It's a joke.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice April 03, 2009
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