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A man with glasses and a Mohawk who's very perverted at times but is a cool guy. His name is Jason with a Y in between. He's hit on many girls before and has dated someone in school before getting dumped in public. He was almost caught for having sex in school. Has use a guy's name to get a girl he wants. He hits on his best friends and tends to apologize for stuff he doesn't know he did. Also he over acts more than Nicolas Cage in the movie "Wicker Man"
Brandawn Shupta-Sould: Yo did you see Barbezar lately?

Ohryan Glossi: You mean the perverted guy with glasses and a Mohawk??

Brandawn Shupta-Sould: Yea Gay boy

Ohryan Glossi: I heard he went to pull Amelia's pants down.

Mohawk and glasses are cool!!
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