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A case of a harsh, sometimes very liquid excrement that is expelled by a person after consuming a burrito or other menu item from the Chipotle chain of restaurants. This event occurs usually 12-24 hours after the ingestion of said menu item. It is a variation on Montezuma's Revenge, though unlike Montezuma's Revenge, it is generally accepted that Barbacoa's Revenge is not related to local parasites but instead a natural reaction to the fiber and other nutritional content found in a menu item from Chipotle. Each case of Barbacoa's Revenge can vary due to personal ingredient preference. One need not have barbacoa on their burrito, or indeed meat at all, to have contracted Barbacoa's Revenge.
1) Employee: I had Chipotle last night.

Boss: Oh, did you get your usual burrito?

Steve: Yeah, it was great. Of course, I'll be needing a break here soon to deal with my case of Barbacoa's Revenge

2) This bout of Barbacoa's Revenge could be interesting; I had the corn salsa on my burrito last night.
by TheMonkeyest August 03, 2008
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