Barack Brobama - (proper) noun

Your good friend.
Specifically your black (or mixed black x white) friend.
Does not have to be, or have the desire to be, President of anything but is required to be highly intelligent and educated to, or close to, Doctorate level, though this does not necessarily have to be Law or Politics related.

Barack Brobama is capable of befriending those who would be typically seen as hostile and/or aggressive (e.g Russians), has a reasonable proficiency at managing funds and assets and, among other things, is generally concerned about the well-being of his bros.
Also, may be responsible for the assassination of Brosama Bin Laden.
And is Bromander in Chief of the United Bro's Armed Forces (UBAF).

See also:
Broseph Stalin, Broseph Goebbels, Abroham Lincoln, Brosama bin Laden
Abroham Lincoln: "Four score and seven.." -
Broseph Stalin: Shut up you twat.
Broseph Goebbels: Hey look, Barack Brobama's here. What's up dawg?
Barack Brobama: The usual, y'know; pulling troops out of Iraq, healthcare reforms... -
Stalin: Assassinating dictators
Brobama: -...Assassinating dictators. Nothing special really, you?
Goebbels: Stalin and I were just reminiscing about the Battle of Stalingrad and Communism, Abroham was about to start is speech... Again.
Brobama: Did I miss the speech?
Goebbels: Stalin wouldn't let him start.
Brobama: Praise be to Allah.
Stalin: ...What?
Brobama: Nothing... Nothing.
Goebbels: Okay then. Speaking of "assassinating dictators", what ever happened to Brosama bin Laden, I haven't seen him for a while...
Brosama bin Laden: I'm right here you fucking idiots
*Everybody cheers*
by rzhhhh November 22, 2011
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