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The principal whereby whatever a cool person does becomes the way to appear cool for non cool people.
When this principal is applied to politics it refers to an action that Barack Obama does, because once he does something that nobody did before, every candidate begins doing it, even republicans.
(I think that off camera Barack should do something un-cool just to see Hillary copy him and look the plastic frontin' poser fool that she is.)
That was so BaracKool that everybody's gonna' be copyin' you.
"We should have dialog with our national enemies too," said Barack Obama said during a debate. Clinton made fun of him for saying it during the debate then later realized 'we the people' thought it was a great idea, so she started saying we should talk to all countries, but she forgets to credit Barack for thinking of it.
Or the Change, Hope slogans getting adopted by all candidates in both the big parties.
by WNYmathGuy February 11, 2008
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