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Flower sold in bar by a traveling, strung out gypsy type female who looks like sleep has not graced her face for days. The rose comes in multiple colors, and sometimes even plastic light up versions are available (happy day!). Depending on the level of intoxication of the customer and the scarcity of the flower they may cost anywhere from $3-$20 USD. This particular flower thrives on cigarette smoke and alcohol, and once removed from the bar environment quickly loses its' luster and wilts into death.

These roses are purchased by highly intoxicated males attempting to score points with a lucky (or unlucky) lady. There exists a belief in the male bar culture that once a female receives this flower her panties will automatically drop. This may or may not be true.
Male 1:
Hey John, check out that hot chick. You think if I buy her a bar rose she will talk to me?
Male 2:
It's a sure thing. If it didn't work, then why would that gypsy chick even sell them to us?
Male 1:
Of course!
by conscious automata June 02, 2012
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