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A soup that originates from the Jewfrican culture. Scientists have been trying to find the ingredients of Banoup ever since they had tasted such a good soup. The only thing people know of the ingredients is that it has Banana's in it and scientists claim that's why the soup is yellow.. Banoup has never been ate by outsiders of the Jewfricans (except people who have been accepted by the leaders of the Jewfricans). It is said that anyone who tried to find the ingredients by force or have trespassed on there land is put into the soup (but that is only theory/myth).
Banoup is great. If you EVER have the chance to have even the slightest amount, take the chance. It is seen as a delicacy to the Jewfricans who have ate every single food there is to eat.
by Shafayla>zack November 14, 2010
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