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A family of fire-crotches that are epicly retarded. the often swear and scream at eachother for no apparent reason. they have not dusted there house since grandpa banktard bought it in the late 1800's. proceed with caution when scaling up the rickety poorly carpeted stairs, as cobwebs may entangle you. the whole family smells of dog farts and mac n cheese. they buy all of their food products in outrageous quantities. sometimes up to 250 boxes of mac n cheese at a time. the classic banktard breakfast consists of a whole bag of cereal with only a few drops of milk, and if your lucky, you may get a few pounds of sugar on top. they enjoy internet dating with children around 5 years younger than them. If you see a family like this, steer clear, for they are most likely the formidable banktards.
Example 1:

Dad: Austin! Do you F***n chores now or ill kick you out!
Austin: Shut the f**k up dad! ill kick your a**!
Mom: Austin! dont talk to your father that way!!!
Austin: f**k you mom!
Me: Stop bein Banktards!
Example 2:

Brittany: Austin get off me!
Austin: NO!... Arm Bar!!!
Sam: Im goin to taco bell to get 1000 tacos just for me. would you two like to split a 79 cent cheese roll up?
Austin and Brittany: F**k you!!! you two ton tank!
by Btard hater June 20, 2010
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