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1. To go off in the woods at night with an older gay man for the purpose of talking about "art".

2. To piss or shit oneself due to alcohol/mucinex intake.

3. To lose every friend you have due to unacceptable behavior and then blame it on someone who "stole your friends"

4. To have a delusional relationship with someone you've never met over the internet. Who in reality, hates you.
1. "Where is that dude at?"
"He's banksin' it with some gay guy."

2. "Dude, I really have to piss."
"Just banks it, man."

3. "Wow man, he really told you that you stole his friends?"
"Yeah dude, he's just banksin' it."

4. "My buddy is getting a movie deal, thanks to his Internet girlfriend."
"Ah, he's just banksin' it."
by TheDoktorJ December 22, 2009
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