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One who appreciates the timelessness of licking inside the holes in banjos. The term has developed to mean licking inside of any hole. ;) Banjolickers originated in Mexico and was a job done primarily by men. When banjos were first created the outer rim of the hole needed to be wetted for better playing sound and musical satisfaction. Banjolickers continue to bring satisfaction in a variety of ways to people everywhere, including the bedroom. ;)
person 1- "eh man, yer breath smells like the rear end of a donkey, did you not think to brush yer teeth this mornin' laddy?"
person 2- "nah,i was in too much of a rush to meet ya"
person 1- "what were ya doin' that made yer breath smell so ranky?"
person 2- "up all night with ma girlfriend, if ya know what i mean"
person 1- "oh yer a banjolicker aren't ya laddy?"
person 2- "yeah, i could lick banjos all day if i could, if ya see what i'm gettin' at"
person 1- "oh you gnarly hornball"
person 2- "ya gotta get yerself some banjos to lick, laddy!"
person 1- "i'm workin' on it, some of us av a job ya know!"
person 2- "yeah, mine is in the bedroom with the girlies"
person 1- "can't say that i'm not jealous of em"
person 2- "well lucky for ya i gotta cancelation this morning, now i av some free time.."
person 1- "meet me in the potty chamber"
person 2- "bring yer banjo"
person 1- "bring yer tongue"
by Kinky Clothespin July 14, 2009
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