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People that love and support Taylor Swift and BTS equally without being a biased prick and throwing either of the iconic legends under the bus, no matter what kind of downright ridiculous bullshit is thrown at them. The name is a hybrid of “Bangtan Sonyeondan” and “Taylor Swift”, popularly used by people who are fans of both the artists.

It is an ever-growing clique filled with brave and open minded stans that firmly believe in the fact that one doesn't need to drag one artist down to lift the another. BTS met Taylor Swift at the 2018 BBMAs, and it has fueled the passion in the hearts of the Bangswift stans.
A: “The bangswift stans are truly braver than the US marines. They took shit from both the fandoms when they were against each other's throats.”

B: “I know right? They truly deserve the world!”
by pjmswift June 11, 2018
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