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Proof that money can buy you everthing.
This is a sex act carried out by fat, millionaire business men, whilst on a "business" trip to Thailand.
The act includes said business man sitting in front a large window in a penthouse suit, with a whiskey in one hand and a large cigar in the other, whilst getting chomped off by one or many Thai hookers, and uttering the immortal words "life doesn't get any better than this".
To wind down from a hectic day of drinking, smoking and Ladyboys, whilst on his "business" trip to Bangkok.

Mike poured himself a large glass of single malt, lit a large cigar and relaxed back on a comfy settee, as 2 Thai ladies of the night felated him. And as he gazed out of his penthouse suit window, he muttered in a relaxed manner "Life doesn't get any better than this".
Now available as an optional extra whilst staying at the Bangkok Hilton, on the extras menu as A Bangkok Rogocki
by the real sweet-a-bix January 27, 2011
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