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(noun) - a Brazilian who makes obnoxious noise for no apparent reason and at the most inappropriate time of the day. Usually a Bangador is a construction worker but s/he could also be an apartment owner who is making changes to their home.

It is a contraction of 'bang' (English) and '-ador' (Brazilian Portuguese suffix that determines a lot of professions; the generic for the vast majority of professions is "-or").

Bangador is a word coined by Richard B. Kaplan and introduced into the Portuguese Brazilian language in 1995. It is not in widespread use but seems to be travelling in some circles in the area of Rio de Janeiro.

It is very close in meaning to the term 'baderneiro,' - an older term for someone that likes to make noise and mess all the time.
The Bangador in my building is literally ten feet above me on the 2nd floor and is pounding away with about three or four different hammers at about two different speeds & strengths. It's incredible and I am amazed how someone could make such obnoxious noise. He must be preparing for the Bangador Olympics.
by benjammin85 April 28, 2013
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