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usually suffers from a case of down syndrom the banera tries to ease the pain by driving his fast k-k-karrr. Usually found alone in its basement playing videogames. It fears the women species and will do whatever nessacary to remain unoticed by their kind. When nervous of having to talk to the female he will emit a strange olger laugh always resulting in a awkward silence. when masturbating he will usually scream while comming im the true master chief!!! (in refrence to halo). he is neither gay nor straight, when feeling ambitous he will go out and stalk the night looking for nice cars to "rear end."
Dude1: (walks up to car with dude2) What the hell is that white stuff in my exhaust pipe?
Dude2: Oh my Gosh! i heard banera was roaming about last night!
Dude1: Crap! i just cleaned my car. Who let that downer out of his cage!
by chimmeychong October 16, 2009
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