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The feeling of impatient despair after realizing that the video you have just clicked on is not what you wanted, or is dull and worthless to your purposes. Similar to buyer's remorse; Bandwidth Remorse lasts for up to 6 seconds, which is the time it takes to find the "X" to close the video. Six seconds in Internet time is currently 3 minutes. A loose application of Moore's law is increasing the time (in 18 months - 3 seconds will be 6 Internet minutes).
After clicking "watch video" on the condo for sale ad, Max had bandwidth remorse. The "video" turned out to be a low quality slideshow with music and a cheesy script. It took Max five seconds to realize his misstep and find the "X" that closed the PowerPoint "video". Those five seconds felt like minutes.
by CaptJTKirk July 26, 2012
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